Services We Provide
We have over two decades of operation in the computer industry. We have helped a great many people realize that there is much more to a computer than buying a few boxes.
We offer a wide range of computer solutions. We would be happy to give you a quote on a computer system configuration, make or model.

Why are our clients happy to recommend us to their friends?? The answer is often our service. We provide the following to all of our clients:
Quick And Reliable Support With Extended Hours
This means that after you have purchased your computer, you may have questions or concerns about installing new software, e.g. you may have problems configuring a new game. Mentor clients breathe a bit easier in this regard, because they know that help is only one phone call away. We provide emergency technical support. Simply phone (807)474-7026
Basically, our motto in this regard is: "No question is too simple, and no problem is too difficult!"
Of course you are going to have questions. But, we actually answer these questions. We have the expertise and the experience to help you regardless of the type of problems that you are experiencing.
Try an experiment. Call around and find out fast you can speak to a technician or a support person. You will find out quite quickly that there is NOT a lot of competition in the computer industry.
Professional Hardware Diagnostics
Some problems require very intense hardware diagnosis. We are outfit to do this for your late model, and perhaps finicky computer.
Certified Technical Staff
Our technical staff are members of an elite group of technical professionals who have demonstrated their expertise as microcomputer service technicians by passing a rigorous set of examinations.
As well, our technical people have been working in the industry, solving problems longer than many computer companies have been in existence !
Game Console Repair
We can repair many non-functioning XBox and PlayStation video game consoles. We have successfully resuscitated several victims of the "Red Ring of Death", as well as PS3 laser diode replacement, system overheating and other problems.
Now Featuring IPod repair and battery replacement.

We offer many inexpensive repairs and upgrades on different types of IPod, including new long-life batteries. Also available are new screens and digitizers for your iPhone and iPod touch.