Meet Our Team

Education, Experience, Expertise!

As a team, we service nearly 1500 computers each year!!  Our exceptional team boasts members with degrees in Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry and even Philosophy and Film Theory!


Geoff (Head of Technical Services):

  • Degree in Computer Science
  • Adept at computer programming
  • Extensive experience troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues
  • Has serviced 1000s of¬†computers since he began working at Mentor Computers

Steve (Head of Operations):

  • Degree in Engineering
  • Exemplary problem solving and trouble shooting skills
  • Works tirelessly to provide personal customer service, surpassed only by his attention to detail

Leo (Training & Technical Support):

  • Degrees in Science and Philosophy
  • 28 years of experience
  • Spends the bulk of his time in the field, solving problems competitors have given up on
  • Combines his diverse educational background to provide top-rate support for the effective and efficient use of technology at home, or in business
  • Extensive experience teaching low-vision customers how to use Zoomtext and other accessibility options

Anita (President):

  • Degree in Science
  • Extensive experience teaching post-secondary technical math and physics
  • Experience in hardware construction at the component level (i.e. assembling and soldering thousands of embedded controllers and other instrumentation)





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