Price List

We’re going to let you in on an industry secret: computer prices change by the minute.  If you’re shopping for a computer out of flyer, you’re buying what a shop wants to get rid of – not what’s best for you, and not necessarily at the best price.  We don’t bulk price, we don’t price things the month before – we work minute to minute to get you the best deal.

More importantly, you’re an individual!  You’re unique.  If you’re a grandmother who needs a zippy little tablet to connect with her grandkids on Facebook (because you sure won’t get them on the phone), you’re going to want a different type of system than a seventeen year old gamer.  But the big box retailers want to sell you the same thing.  We want to sell you the perfect system for YOU, at the best price.  This means we need to meet you, get to know your needs, and then work our butts off finding the best possible price and product – for YOU!  We want you to be thrilled with the experience and product, so drop by today and get advice, customized service and pricing.

If you’re looking for a super deal, check out our Kijiji ads (search: “Mentor Computers”).  There you’ll find some neat deals on good quality laptops, desktops, and tablets – new, previously owned, and re-conditioned.  There you’ll see a peek at our great deals, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Drop by!

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