More on liquids and laptops….

Liquids meeting laptops is a fairly common occurrence. They are totally wrong for one another, but can’t seem to stay away from each other. It’s a highly dysfunctional relationship that shouldn’t be encouraged, yet there is also a certain inevitability to it, too.

What can you do?

The real danger with liquids and laptops is that you can get a nasty, possibly even fatal electrical shock. It’s not the raw voltage that matters, it’s the current.  A laptop plugged into a standard household outlet of 110 volt current can easily kill you. If water or any other liquid gets into your computer…..


Cut off the source of electricity. There is a second source of electricity that can also give you a pretty nasty shock – the battery. Many laptops have easily removable batteries, but some, like the ASUS one I am writing this one, has the battery buried under the keyboard. I did not think to check the ease of battery removal when I bought this laptop. A mistake I hope you won’t make.


Removing the battery from this computer is a complicated process, and one that really should be managed by a skilled technician. The clamps holding the keyboard in place are quite delicate and break easily! Add water to the equation, and the job becomes even more complex.

The best solution to this problem is not to buy a laptop with an embedded battery to begin with. At Mentor Computers, we do not sell laptops with embedded batteries for precisely this reason: the risk of electrical shock is too high should you spill liquids on your laptop.

This is just one of the ways that we provide personalized service! Come and visit us on Cumberland Street to discover the other things we can do to create a computer that is right for you.