What Sets Us Apart?

We’ve Got the Awesome People:

At Mentor Computers, we work well as a team.  Because all of our members are trained to do essential maintenance, repairs and upgrades, your computer is looked at by a professional immediately – which means you get your computer back faster!  BUT, if you have a particularly tricky problem, only our team has the technical diversity to solve the problems others can’t.  Even our front line customer service representative has a degree in Engineering!  Where else will you find this level of expertise?  We’ve had many people – even the big box retailers – send customers our way because they know we can fix the un-fixable.  (Meet our friendly team here).

We’re on the Ball:

We’ve developed a unique implementation of best-practices for computer assembly, trouble-shooting repairs, and upgrades. Because we work as a team, we always have a second set of eyes double check our work on your computer before we even give you a call.  We exceed industry SOP (standard operating procedures).  This means that your computer is done right, the first time – saving you time, money, and hassle.  When it’s 40 below, who wants to keep returning to a computer shop?  You want to stay home, with a cup of cocoa, and play Candy Crush on your zippity computer!

We’ve Got the Goods:

Have you seen our new location?  We have an expanded technical area which means we can now service 10 times the computers we could do before!  In addition to this efficient space, we’ve got cool tools. Don’t tell our competitors, but we’ve got:

  • A room dedicated to the physical cleaning of computers and laptops
  • Instrumentation to measure the performance of CPUs
  • A state of the art instrument to measure how well/poorly your computer’s components perform
  • Scientific instrumentation to measure performance and brewing component failure
  • A desiccator, designed and built by us – plus the appropriate chemical protocols – to handle any spills on any technology
  • Equipment to measure electrical interference that can effect the performance of your desktops, laptops, routers, repeaters, etc.

So what does this mean?  We have the tools to diagnose problems before they become an issue.  We can definitively determine what has failed or is failing on your system and then cost-effectively repair.  And, if the worst happens, we can save your sopping laptop from a battle with your coffee mug.

We do it quickly, we do it well, we do it thoroughly.  We have the tools, education, and experience to decipher technical details that confuse and confound our competitors.







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